The 5 Best GTA Online Single Missions for Money in 2022

Best GTA Online Single Missions for Money

Best GTA Online Single Missions for Money

There may not be a strict path to progress in GTA Online but money is the primary goal in this game.

As you may know that RP helps players to rank up and unlock cool stuff, likewise the primary motivator for players in GTA Online is money.

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While most players do not oppose VIP work or vehicle sourcing grinds. A good solo mission for players that pays well is always going to be more popular.

Players of GTA Online who are looking for ways to earn more money than they are alone are in luck as the GTA Online game offers a lot of opportunities to its users. GTA Online gives players a chance to earn money through various means like easy contact missions, elaborate robbery etc.

Solo mission to help players earn more money in GTA Online

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1- Martin Madrazo – Out of court settlement

This Martin mission of GTA Online involves killing witnesses of any kind and preventing them from testifying against Martin. The player can complete this mission alone quite easily. This mission does not require much effort from the player.

If players in GTA Online are fast enough, then only they will be able to bear the cash burden as the contact missions are the first to reward speed on everything. Thus players also need to ensure that they do not waste time watching everyone. Players will save a lot of time setting goals and accessing documents in addition to ensuring a big payday.

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2- The Cayo Perico Heist

This mission is a dream come true for most players of GTA Online game. This mission can be easily accomplished alone with the entire robbery including setup without relying on other crew members.

Being a crew in this mission will increase the tech so that players will be able to gain more secondary loot. Tech is also very good for single players, making it the best mission for GTA Online players right now.

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3 – Gerald – Pier Pressure

Best GTA Online Single Missions for Money

It should be the most favourite person for players who have started or are known to have started in GTA Online. Their missions offer good pay-outs and are usually quite easy to do. Due to this person they also get unlocked early in the game.

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4 – Simeon Yeterian – Blow Up II

Best GTA Online Single Missions for Money

Simeon makes his appearance in GTA Online and offers the hero some captured jobs. Simeon’s mission typically includes “repo-ing” vehicles that occasionally blow up luggage. However Blow Up II attempts to connect the two as the player is given the task of flying some cars and returning them to the dealership.

Losing the police in this mission can be a bit challenging, but in this game all players must be fully capable of calling Lester and removing the police from their backs. This mission is unlocked at level 12 and this mission is a great way to earn money right at the beginning of GTA Online.

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5) Trevor – Diamonds are for Trevor

Best GTA Online Single Missions for Money

One of the best aspects of GTA Online is the fact that it started as a prequel. This fact means that players are fully capable of seeing the characters and how they were prior to the events of GTA 5’s story mode.

A new set of contact missions would be unlocked after GTA Online Ron’s players came in contact and asked them to meet Trevor. In this mission, the diamonds are for Trevor, a mission that steals the player and brings the players to Trevor.

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