Best app to get free fire diamond.

free fire diamond

App to get free fire diamond

Diamonds are very essential for players in Gerena Free Fire to obtain special in-game items such as skins, dress and many other cosmetics. However they are not independent and Gerena Free Fire players have to spend their money to acquire them.

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In Garena Free Fire it is not always possible for every player to do in-game purchases to get the diamond, so players of Gerena Free Fire are looking for alternative ways. Today we will tell you about the list of best apps to get free fire diamond in May 2021 in this article.

Note: This list mentioned by us is based on the choice of the author and this list players should go through the rules and policies of each application.

Best Apps to get Free Fire Diamond

All the players of Gerena Free Fire should be aware that it is not easy to get anything for free, for this players will have to complete many tasks. On this note, we have told you three apps that you can use to get Free Fire Diamond.

1) Google Opinion Rewards

App to get free fire diamond

This is a reward-based program, through which you can get free diamonds at Garena Free Fire. This app is a great way to get free diamonds. Users are also awarded play credits / balance after participating in small and direct surveys on this application.

All credits collected from this app can be used by players to purchase diamonds in Free Fire. You can click here to go to the Google Play Store page of this app.

2) Poll Pay

App to get free fire diamond

Poll Pay is a GPT application. This poll pay application can also be tried by the players. This app has more than one million downloads. All users are required to complete surveys and other similar activities to earn money from this application.

Later players can redeem their earnings through PayPal or any other options. You have to click here to go to Pol Pay on this fan play store.

3) Easy Rewards

App to get free fire diamond

Easy Rewards is a GPT app. The functionality of this app is almost similar to the voting payment app, in which users have to do quiz surveys and more.

If the player wants to redirect to your Google Play Store page then the player has to click here.

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