Best 4 finger claw setup free fire

Best 4 finger claw setup free fire

4 finger claw setup free fire

Free Fire game is played by many players all over the world, there are many players around the world who play Free Fire. If you are also a regular Free Fire player then you must know that it is very important to have good control skills to win the battle in Free Fire.

Today we will tell you 4 finger setting in Free Fire, applying our mentioned settings will improve your gaming performance in Free Fire.

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4 finger setup in free fire

Most players in Free Fire use their thumbs to control the gameplay. To win the game in Free Fire, it is very important for the player to be able to run, shoot, aim. But in Free Fire it is very difficult to do all these tasks with two fingers, so players are out in Free Fire very quickly.

You need to use up to 4 fingers to perform multiple actions at the same time in Free Fire, but it will take a lot of practice to do so.

How to Setup 4 Finger Claw ( ff 4 finger setting )

To set up 4 finger claw in Free Fire, first of all, reconfigure the default settings of Free Fire, change the position and size of the buttons as we outlined below to do 4 finger settings.

Best 4 finger claw setup free fire
4 finger claw free fire – ff 4 finger setting

1) Move the Fire button to the top left of the screen.
2) Set the size to 100%.
3) Move the AIM button to the top right of the screen.
4) Set its size also to 100%.
5) Move the grenade menu to the joystick
6) Set this also to 100%.

Move the Jump, Skill, Reload buttons to the right of the thumb.

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Free fire 4 finger claw sensitivity setting.

  • Quick Reload: Turn ON
  • Quick Weapon Switch: Turn OFF
  • Vehicle Controls: Two-handed control
  • Auto parachute: ON
  • Damage Indicator: New

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