Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 Release Date, Royal Pass and Ranking Details Confirmed.

BGMI developer Krafton has confirmed the end date of Season 19 of BGMI as well as the new Season 20 of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Royale Pass and Ranking System.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 Release Date, Royal Pass and Ranking Details Confirmed.

Battlegrounds mobile india season 20 release date

The developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India has confirmed the BGMI season 19 ending date as well as the details about the new season 20 of Battlegrounds Mobile India. According to the company, with the new season 20 of Battleground Mobile India, there will be a new royal pass and ranking system.

Krafton confirmed on their official website that Season 19 for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) will end on 14 July 2021. According to the official website season 19 will end at 05:29:59. Battlegrounds Mobile India ranking season system on Season 20 will also bring changes, and a patch for the same was conducted by Battlegrounds Mobile India on 7th July. According to the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India, the end of the rankings for Season 19 of Battlegrounds Mobile India is still exposed in the game, and changes will be made via a patch soon. The new ranking system for Season 20 of BGMI will come into effect on July 14 at 7:30 am.

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Battlegrounds mobile india season 20 release date
Battlegrounds mobile india season 20 release date

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Starting from Season 20, approximately three seasons will be combined as a cycle. Additional rewards can also be obtained by consistently achieving a specific level within one of those cycles. Whenever cycle one ends, cycle two begins and will proceed as follows: C2S1 -> C2S2 -> C2S3

Apart from this, the seasons of Battleground Mobile India will now run on a monthly basis, starting from Season 20. The developers of Battlegrounds Mobile India are also changing the abbreviation of seasons from S1, S2. According to Battleground Mobile India Company, Season 20 will be named as M1, Season 21 as M2, etc.

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Krafton also confirmed that the Royale Pass is now a seasonal item that players can only use until the end of the respective season. Players will no longer be able to use it after the special season has ended, and will have to be purchased again when the new season of Battlegrounds Mobile India opens. So if players have bought Royale Pass in Season 19, it will not work in Season 20.

Whenever the Royal Pass for Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 19 expires, both the Royale Pass level and the Royale Pass (RP) will be reset, according to the Battlegrounds Mobile India company. Players must claim all Royal Pass Season 19 awards before the end of the BGMI season. RP has claimed that the Royal Pass will not be applicable on purchases of a crate from the end of Season 19, prior to the inauguration of Season M1.

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