Battlefield Mobile Apk download ( Android & iOS )

Battlefield Mobile Apk download ( Android & iOS )

Battlefield Mobile Apk download :

Electronic Arts (EA) has brought a new mobile game for the players which is named as “Battlefield Mobile”. Earlier in April 2021, the Battlefield mobile game was mentioned by DICE, and now the game has been officially released.

Players can download Battlefield Mobile from the link provided on our site. by the way he
Battlefield Mobile will also be released for download in Play Store and Android & iOS, but until then the player will have to download the game using the Apk mentioned on our site.

It has been listed on EA’s official site for players that pre-registration for this game has started before releasing this game on Play Store and Android & iOS.

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Some features of the Battlefield mobile game

1) Gameplay Mode

Battlefield Mobile will have new game modes for specific mobile play. The game’s official site has also confirmed Conquest Mode. Battlefield Mobile is a classic battlefield multiplayer game based around arena domination.

2) Maps

Different maps will be provided for players in the Battlefield mobile game. A map called Grand Bazaar Map is currently confirmed for the Battlefield mobile game. New maps will be added to the Battlefield mobile game in the future.

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Battlefield Mobile Apk download ( Android & iOS )
Battlefield Mobile Apk – Battlefield Mobile download

3) Weapons and Vehicles

The official site of Battlefield Mobile has provided some weapon details such as F2000, P226, Frag, SMAW etc. Multiple load-outs will be available across all characters in Battlefield Mobile. There will be a full range of vehicles to do battle on land, sea and air.

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How to Download Battlefield Mobile Apk

1) Download Battlefield Mobile from the link given below.

2) Install Battlefield Mobile from unknown source.

3) Open the installed file.

4) Now the game will be open in your screen.

5) Login to the game through your Facebook or Google account.

7) Select your in game name.

8) Open the game and enjoy it.

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