First Battlefield 6 screen likely to leak


They suggest setting up Battlefield 6 in the near future.

From the Battlefield 6 game, it is believed that two pictures of Battlefield 6 have appeared online. Which looks like a low-resolution scavenger from a stream of this trailer: on this effect you can see a rocket in the first person from inside the cockpit of another vehicle, in the photo of the helicopters on the island during the storm There seems to be an aerial view. The pictures don’t tell us much, but we can say that these are clearly not at all like historical games like Battlefield 5.

Battlefield 6
Image Credit :Leaked Image

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The sequel to the battlefield in the near future will give you all the information through leaker Tom Henderson, who claims that the next battlefield game was set about 10 years ago and is based on the weapons currently being developed. Will happen. They also say that this game will be called Battlefield only, and there will also be a campaign mode facility where you can recruit a specialist unit that will make every effort to recruit both the United States and Russia.

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