Auto headshot zip file download with password

auto headshot zip file download with password

Auto headshot zip file download

It is everyone’s dream to become a pro player in every sport, no matter what the sport, but to become a pro player in any game, you have to practice a lot. But for a pro player, the patience to practice for a long time is not enough, that’s why today we will share the auto zip file with you. Using the auto headshot hack zip we’ve mentioned will quickly increase your headshot rate in any game without much effort.

The zip file we have mentioned today is very easy to use and any player can apply the zip file mentioned by us to their game account. By using the headshot hack we have mentioned, you will be able to kill your enemy very easily.

Auto headshot zip file download with password

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Benefits of Auto Headshot Zip File

  • auto headshot rate increases
  • Headshot shoot with a simple tap
  • easy drag headshot
  • 100% safe
  • 100% Anti Ban System
  • easy to implement
  • excellent gaming performance
  • Aimbot Rate 85
  • target lock rate 90

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How to Use and Download Auto Headshot Zip File

1) Open the Auto Headshot file from the link below.

2) Open the zip file.

3) You will see a script in the zip file, copy it.

4) Paste the copied script into my files

5) Restart your mobile.

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