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Hello everyone, today I will tell you about a new game called Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile is specifically designed for touch screen mobiles. Apex legends mobile regional betas is a new version of Apex Legends. Now you can play Apex Legends game from your mobile too. Apex Legends includes considerable features such as streamlined control and thoughtful customization, which results in the most advanced Royal battle available on the phone.

apex legends
Image Credit : Apex Legends official site.

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Beginning later this month Apex Legends team are launching the first regional beta test for mobile. Two years ago the team of Apex Legends changed the landscape of the Battle Royal style and now the team of Apex Legends are making it available for mobile.

The Apex Legends Mobile team is keeping small things to start with only a few thousand players from India and the Philippines. But during this year the Apex Legends Mobile team is planning to take this game to more regions and more players across the world.

apex legends
Image Credit : Apex Legends official site.

Some FAQs about Apex Legends Mobile

When will the Apex Legends mobile game be available in your area?

Apex Legends Mobile’s team will roll out the game around the world in a series of consecutive tests. Currently, the Apex Legends mobile team has conducted a series of short closed beta tests in India and the Philippines.

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What will happen if you do pre registration in Apex Legends mobile game?

When the Apex Legends mobile game is ready to go wide, the Apex Legends mobile game team will launch a page for you to sign up to pre-register for the game and after pre-registration you will get all news about betas .

Will Apex Legends cross-play with other versions of the mobile game as well?

No, because the Apex Legends mobile game is designed specifically for mobile, it does not allow you to cross-play with the console or PC versions.

Will this game be free-to-play?

Of course, like PC and console, Apex Legends Mobile is also free-to-play.



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